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Our interactive map is an easy gateway to finding a school from the range of K12 options. These options include:

  • Free enrollment in a public virtual academy, now available in over half the States and D.C.
  • Enrollment in the accredited, private K12 International Academy, available worldwide.

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Or, speak with an enrollment specialist to get the help you need. Just call toll-free:

  • For our free, public virtual academies: 866.YOURK12 (866.968.7512)
  • For the private K12 International Academy, within the U.S.: 877.512.7748
  • For the private K12 International Academy, outside the U.S.: 703.436.3316

Purchase K12 Courses

We make it easy to purchase courses online or by phone:

  • Any subject and level of our K–8 or High School courses; K–8 courses may be purchased with or without teacher support
  • Our acclaimed powerspeaK12 world language courses in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin for grades 3–12
  • Our electives for enrichment and/or career training
  • You can also purchase award-winning K12 history books as well as our highly effective early reading program, K12 PhonicsWorks

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To purchase courses by phone, call toll-free 866.K12MIND (866.512.6463) and our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to help.

For help with powerspeaK12 courses, please call 866.667.1267.