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High School Sample Lessons

High School Sample Lessons

Try It Out: The best way to understand the K¹² program is to try it out! Take a look at some lessons that our High School students experience.

Try Our High School Sample Lessons

High School Course List

K¹² 2010-2011 High School Course List

ENG001: English Foundations I
ENG011: English Foundations II
ENG102: Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG202: Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG302: American Literature
ENG402: British & World Literature
ENG103: Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG203: Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG303: American Literature
ENG403: British & World Literature
ENG104: Honors Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG204: Honors Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG304: Honors American Literature
ENG404: Honors British & World Literature
ENG500: AP English Language & Composition
ENG510: AP English Literature & Composition
ENG010: Journalism*
Credit Recovery
ENG106: Literary Analysis & Composition I
ENG206: Literary Analysis & Composition II
ENG306: American Literature
ENG406: British & World Literature
History & Social Sciences
HST102: World History
HST202: Modern World Studies
HST212: Geography & World Cultures*
HST302: U.S. History
HST312: Modern U.S. History
HST402: U.S. Government & Politics*
HST412: U.S. & Global Economics*
HST103: World History
HST203: Modern World Studies
HST213: Geography & World Cultures*
HST303: U.S. History
HST313: Modern U.S. History
HST403: U.S. Government & Politics*
HST413: U.S. & Global Economics*
HST104: Honors World History
HST204: Honors Modern World Studies
HST304: Honors U.S. History
HST314: Honors Modern U.S. History
HST500: AP U.S. History
HST510: AP U.S. Government & Politics*
HST520: AP Macroeconomics*
HST530: AP Microeconomics*
HST540: AP Psychology*
HST550: AP European History*
HST010: Anthropology*
HST020: Psychology*
HST030: Macroeconomics*
Credit Recovery
HST206: Modern World Studies
HST306: U.S. History
HST316: Modern U.S. History
World Languages
WLG100: Spanish I
WLG200: Spanish II
WLG300: Spanish III
WLG110: French I
WLG210: French II
WLG310: French III
WLG120: German I
WLG220: German II
WLG130: Latin I
WLG230: Latin II
WLG140: Chinese I
WLG240: Chinese II
WLG500: AP Spanish Language
WLG510: AP French Language
ORN010: Online Learning
ORN100: Finding Your Path I
ORN200: Finding Your Path II
ORN300: Finding Your Path III
ORN400: Finding Your Path IV

*This is a one-semester course.

MTH001: Math Foundations I
MTH011: Math Foundations II
MTH112: Pre-Algebra
MTH122: Algebra I
MTH202: Geometry
MTH302: Algebra II
MTH312: Business & Consumer Math*
MTH113: Pre-Algebra
MTH123: Algebra I
MTH203: Geometry
MTH303: Algebra II
MTH403: Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry
MTH124: Honors Algebra I
MTH204: Honors Geometry
MTH304: Honors Algebra II
MTH500: AP Calculus AB
MTH510: AP Statistics
BUS030: Personal Finance*
Credit Recovery
MTH116: Pre-Algebra
MTH126: Algebra I
MTH206: Geometry
MTH306: Algebra II
SCI102: Physical Science
SCI112: Earth Science
SCI202: Biology
SCI302: Chemistry
SCI113: Earth Science
SCI203: Biology
SCI303: Chemistry
SCI403: Physics
SCI114: Honors Earth Science
SCI204: Honors Biology
SCI304: Honors Chemistry
SCI404: Honors Physics
SCI500: AP Biology
SCI510: AP Chemistry
SCI520: AP Physics B
SCI010: Environmental Science*
SCI020: Life Science: Oceanography*
Credit Recovery
SCI106: Physical Science
SCI116: Earth Science
SCI206: Biology
SCI306: Chemistry
Electives & Additional Courses
ART010: Fine Art
ART020: Music Appreciation
BUS010: Business Communication & Career Exploration*
BUS020: Business & Personal Relationships*
BUS030: Personal Finance*
BUS040: Introduction to Entrepreneurship*
BUS050: Introduction to Entrepreneurship II*
BUS060: Introduction to Marketing I*
BUS070: Introduction to Marketing II*
ENG010: Journalism*
HST010: Anthropology*
HST020: Psychology*
HST030: Macroeconomics*
PRJ010: Service Learning
PRJ030: Service Learning
SCI010: Environmental Science*
SCI020: Life Science: Oceanography*
OTH010: Skills for Health*
OTH020: Physical Education*
OTH040: Reaching Your AcademicPotential*
OTH050: Achieving Your Career & College Goals*
Technology & Computer Science
TCH010: Computer Literacy I*
TCH020: Computer Literacy II*
TCH030: Digital Photography & Graphics*
TCH040: Web Design*
TCH050: Digital Video Production*
TCH060: C++ Programming*
TCH070: Game Design I*
TCH080: Game Design II*
TCH090: Online Game Design*
TCH016: Flash Animation*
TCH017: 3D Art I–Modeling*
TCH018: 3D Art II–Animation*
TCH019: Computer-Aided Design (CAD)*
TCH026: Audio Engineering*
TCH027: Green Design & Technology*
TCH028: Digital Arts I*
TCH029: Digital Arts II*