Sample Interactive Activities: K–8 & High School

K12 lessons include interactive activities like the ones below.

As you'll see, most activities offer classic "learning by doing" opportunities, which develop a true understanding of a lesson's ideas and principles.

Be sure to also check out our sample lessons for grades K–8 and 9–12. And try our mobile applications for all grades.

Interactive Activities from K–8 Lessons

Thumbnail image for the Kindergarten Lesson On Betsy's Flag Activity

Betsy's Flag

Thumbnail image for the Cradles of Civilization - Middle School Activity

Cradles of Civilization

Thumbnail image for the Mozart's Variations Activity

Mozart's Variations

Thumbnail image for the Richter Scale Simulation for Kindergarten

Richter Scale

Thumbnail image for the History - Postcards From Around The World Activity

Postcards from Around the World

Thumbnail image for the The Fisherman and the Genie Activity

The Fisherman and the Genie

Thumbnail image for the History - Road To Rome Activity

The Road to Rome

Thumbnail image for the History - Where In The Roman World Activity

Where in the Roman World?

Thumbnail image for the Subtraction Story Problems - Karate Practice with Alexander the Great Activity

Karate Practice with Alexander the Great

Thumbnail image for the Comparing Collections Math Game

Comparing Collections

Thumbnail image for the Counting Engine Math Game

Counting Engine

Thumbnail image for the Building Expressions Math Game

Building Expressions

Thumbnail image for the Mystery Item - Identification Game

Mystery Item

Thumbnail image for the Ocean Explorer Science Game

Ocean Explorer

Thumbnail image for the Rocks of the Grand Canyon - Geology Science Game

Rocks of the Grand Canyon

Thumbnail image for the Harp Music Game


Interactive Activities from High School Lessons

Thumbnail image for the Axis Aggressions Activity
Axis Aggressions
Students review the aggressions perpetrated by the Axis powers in the late 1920s and early 1930s leading up to World War II.

Thumbnail image for the Observing Mitosis Activity Observing Mitosis
Students explore cellular mitosis while experiencing an authentic scientific experiment using a virtual laboratory to reproduce a traditional biology lab.

Thumbnail image for the Sound Lab Sound Lab
Students investigate the nature of sound waves by conducting a classic scientific applied physics experiment in a virtual laboratory.

Thumbnail image for the pH Indicator Testing Activity
pH Indicator Testing
In Chemistry, students use the interactive lab to test the pH of a solution.

The Coriolis Effect
The Coriolis Effect
This animated tutorial shows the Coriolis Effect and informs students about the important dynamics of Coriolis forces on meteorology.

Thumbnail image for the Identifying Functions Activity
Identifying Functions
Students learn about functions, how to identify them, their domain and their range.

Thumbnail image for the How to Solve a System of Equations Activity
How to Solve a System of Equations
This tutorial teaches students how to solve linear equations using a calculator.

Thumbnail image for the Marketing an Era Activity
Marketing an Era
Students apply their acquired knowledge about nationalism (1815-1824) to create a brochure that identifies some of the architecture, opportunities, and changes during Madison’s and Monroe’s new nationalism.

Thumbnail image for the Characters in American Literature Activity
Characters in American Literature
The roles and personality traits of the characters in The Glass Menagerie are highlighted and explained in this student interactive.

Thumbnail image for the Trace the path of Mars Activity
Mars Orbit from Earth
This visual tool traces the path of Mars through the night sky over several months and explains the looping pattern created.

Thumbnail image for the Distances between planets Activity
Planet Distances
The relative distances between the planets in the solar system are compared to those of points on the map of the United States.

Thumbnail image for the Sun's path in a year Activity
Skydome Earth Simulator
Students learn the relationship between the paths the sun takes across the daytime sky through the course of the year.