K-8 Online Course List

The K–8 program includes online courses in seven subjects: language arts/English, history, math, science, history, world languages, art and music.

If you're interested in purchasing individual courses as a supplement to your child's traditional education, or for independent study with or without support from a K12 teacher, the offering varies slightly. Please refer to K12Courses.com for a complete list of courses available for purchase.

PLEASE NOTE: The list below reflects courses generally available to those enrolled full-time in a K12 online school. Courses may vary from school to school. When considering enrollment, please discuss offered courses and material availability.

Language Arts/English | Math | Science | History | World Languages | Art | Music

Language Arts/English

K12 Language arts/English courses help students develop important reading and writing skills, while inspiring a love of literature. Younger children learn the basics of phonics and grammar and prepare for reading while older students develop literary analysis and comprehension skills by reading novels and nonfiction works.


K12 math courses balance mastery of fundamental skills with critical thinking and problem-solving. Online games and animations illustrate concepts, while challenge problems, regular practice, and review ensure mastery of basic skills.


K12 science courses balance hands-on experiments with the systematic study of terms and concepts in life, earth, and physical sciences. Students learn how scientists understand our world and how the world is shaped by ongoing scientific and technological advances.


History/Social Sciences

K12 history courses—with integrated topics in geography and civics—opens young minds to far-off lands, distant times, and diverse cultures, emphasizing the story in history—a story that includes not only great men and women but also everyday people.


World Languages

K12 world language courses help students read, write, speak, and listen for meaning through simple narratives, regular writing and speaking challenges, and games.



K12 art courses introduce students to great works of art from different cultures and eras, while engaging them in creative activity. Students learn the elements of art; study important paintings, sculpture, and architecture; and explore different artistic movements, then create their own works of art, such as mobiles, collages, and stained glass.



K12 music courses teach basic Western music concepts at age-appropriate levels. This program helps students train their ears, voices, and bodies in the fundamental building blocks of music. 

Our Music Placement Chart will help you determine the right music course level for your child.



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  • Course list may vary at some K12 schools, including schools powered by K12.
  • Course materials will be available in various formats, which may include physical and/or digital materials.