K–8 Advanced Learner Program (ALP)

A Variety of Choices

K12 schools are committed to optimizing each child's learning experience, and many K12 partner schools offer gifted and talented programs called Advanced Learner Programs (ALPs). Individual school ALPs strive to align with National Association for Gifted Children-established guidelines.

In addition, K12 offers enrichment opportunities at the national level through national clubs. 

Advanced Learning and Acceleration Options

A school’s ALP provides educational advancement opportunities that include a wide spectrum of curriculum options, enrichment activities, and progressive administrative policies. Below is a list of possible options. Because the options depend on state requirements, not all are available at every school.

  • Curriculum compacting (a way to move more rapidly through certain courses)
  • Topic enrichment (through extra activities and assignments)
  • Individual course advancement
  • Grade-level advancement
  • Early high school graduation
  • Dual enrollment—dual-enrollment options for eligible high school students in which they take a college course for both college and high school credits

Please contact your school to find out more about the opportunities they offer.

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