HST106: World History

Course Overview

Students are able to gain credit if they have previously completed this course, but did not successfully earn credit. For each unit, students take a diagnostic test that assesses their current knowledge of fundamental content. The results of these tests help students create individualized study plans. This course traces the development of civilizations around the world from prehistory to the present, with a special emphasis on key periods and primary sources. The course covers major events in world history, including the development and influence of human-geographic relationships, political and social structures, economics, science and technology, and the arts. Students investigate the major religions and belief systems throughout history and learn about the importance of trade and cultural exchange. Other topics include the development of agriculture, the spread of democracy, the rise of nation states, the industrial era, the spread of imperialism, and the issues and conflicts of the twentieth century.

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K12 Scope & Sequence documents for each course include:

  • Course Overview (as seen above)
  • Course Outline
  • Lesson Time and Scheduling