MTH303: Algebra II (Comprehensive)

Course Overview

This course builds upon algebraic concepts covered in Algebra I and prepares students for advanced-level courses. Students extend their knowledge and understanding by solving open-ended problems and thinking critically. Topics include functions and their graphs, quadratic functions, inverse functions, advanced polynomial functions, and conic sections. Students are introduced to rational, radical, exponential, and logarithmic functions; sequences and series; data analysis; and matrices.

Compared to MTH302, this course has a more rigorous pace as well as more challenging assignments and assessments. This course requires the use of a graphing calculator equivalent to a TI-84 and includes tutorials and activities for using a handheld graphing calculator. MTH303 also covers additional topics such as linear programming, advanced factoring techniques, even and odd functions, graphing radical functions, quadratic inequalities, the binomial theorem, weighted averages, advanced operations with matrices, and putting conic sections into graphing form.

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