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Try Sample Lessons for K-8 and High School Try It Out: The best way to understand the K¹² program is to try it out! Take a look at some lessons that K¹² students experience!

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Language Arts 1

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Course Overview

In this course, students get structured lessons on reading skills, language skills, and literature to help develop comprehension, build vocabulary, and promote a lifelong interest in reading.


Using magnetized letter tiles and multisensory activities, the advanced PhonicsWorks program builds decoding skills and helps students become confident, independent readers. Handwriting Without Tears focuses on careful practice at a pace that matches your student's development of fine motor skills.


  • Composition—Students progress from writing words and sentences to writing a paragraph
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics—Students learn basic rules of usage, as well as sentence structure and types, parts of speech, punctuation, and capitalization
  • Primary Analogies—Students develop test-taking and critical thinking skills as they connect words and ideas
  • Public Speaking—Reciting a poem or reading a literary passage helps students learn to address a group confidently


Literature lessons focus on classic folktales, fairy tales, fables, and poetry, such as "The Elves and the Shoemaker," "The Lion and the Mouse," and "The Tortoise and the Hare." Read-aloud and guided reading lessons help students apply and extend the skills introduced in Phonics.

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