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Elementary Latin 1

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Course Overview

The Latin Elementary 1 course consists of 180 lesson days formatted in an intuitive calendar view. The content for each week is based on a "you-are-there" adventure story which runs throughout the course with regular episodes. Although the course focuses principally on vocabulary acquisition, basic grammar principles are intuitively grasped through the story, games, activities, and assessments. In addition, students learn to perform simple songs and stories each semester. Culture lessons are presented about significant practices or products of the Latin world or its influence on contemporary manifestations. Students engage in language learning in a rewarding, low-stress environment; get comfortable with the sounds and rhythms of Latin; comprehend numerous vocabulary words; begin to read, write, speak and listen for meaning in Latin; give simple performances (e.g. songs, stories, etc.) in Latin; and recognize distinctive practices and products of the Ancient Roman world, and their influence on contemporary practices.

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