Letter from Academics, Arts and Action team at A3- World Language Academy

Dear Parents,

Thank you for choosing Academics, Arts and Action for your student at A3-World Language Academy. We provide a language rich, world class, flexible, which delivers a robust and culturally enriched educational experience for your child. Our unique educational approach allows us to tailor an education that is specific to each learner, and provide a wide variety of choice in world languages, core academic areas and elective courses. Students are strongly encouraged to immerse themselves in a language class each year, to build proficiency in their chosen language.

The World Language Academy uses the rigorous, content-rich FuelEd curriculum. Students demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through state standardized tests. All courses are aligned to common core standards and benchmarks. Six world language classes provide students the opportunity to immerse themselves in Spanish, French, Latin, German, Mandarin or Japanese. A wide variety of electives, with a strong emphasis on building skills and critical thinking, are also available for students.

By enrolling in the A3-World Language Academy, you are partnering with a team of knowledgeable and experienced educators, ensuring your student can and will thrive. Our teachers work with you in monitoring student progress, attendance, and content mastery while providing professional insight, instruction, and support. Our administrative and support staff are also committed to the success of your child.

Language is perhaps the most valuable educational tool students can develop to further their educational and career opportunities. The World Language Academy looks forward to developing the language skills of your child in the language of their choice. We know that choosing the right educational setting for your child is of paramount importance. To that end, we encourage you to learn more about our program. Our dedicated staff is here to assist you with your planning efforts to determine if this new and exciting opportunity is a best-fit match. On behalf of all of us here at the A3 World Language Academy we look forward to welcoming you soon to our school community. In the meantime, please feel free to call 469-995-5163 to speak to an enrollment specialist today!


The Academics, Arts and Action team at A3- World Language Academy