Curriculum Developers

Creating content and turning it into interesting, effective lessons is the domain of our multidisciplinary curriculum development team. We have built our curriculum by attracting a team of experts from all corners of the field of education, including mathematicians, education research scientists, musicians (our lead specialist was Juilliard trained), artists, teachers, interactive and print designers, botanists, and researchers.

Curriculum specialists and lesson developers plan each lesson. Instructional designers build the activities. Writers and editors make sure that the content is accurate, engaging, and appropriate. Information architects analyze how parents and students will use the online program, engineers design and build the software that makes K12 run, and quality assurance specialists make sure everything works properly.

We incorporate feedback from parents and children constantly to ensure what we build is actually working. Many of our parents have volunteered to help us create our programs through surveys, focus groups, lesson reviews, round-table discussions, and product testing.

We have also incorporated a "feedback" button in the online portion of our lessons and receive tons of feedback from parents and children all the time. This kind of vibrant connection and devotion to listening, fine tuning, and measuring are notable things that set us apart from traditional curriculum developers.